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About Us

Who We Are


Formerly Chicagoland Adult Hockey League (CLAHL), we are now Chicago Adult hockey League (CAHL). Our organization is not made up of just hockey players, our members, their families and friends are people who care about their communities and commit to making a difference. 

How We Help

The Chicago Adult Hockey League (CAHL) has partnered with the Chicago Wolves to raise awareness and


Shut-Out Diabetes & The Chicago Adult Hockey League (CAHL) has partnered with the Chicago Wolves at Allstate Arena to raise awareness and help relieve the distress in our communities. With each game day we share, we spotlight a problem, organize a fundraiser, and donate proceeds to our communities to help resolve it. Our non-profit organization is not just for hockey players; we are made up of all types of people who share the passion to help.

With the help of the Chicago Wolves, we are excited to make an unparalleled impact in the upcoming 2019-2020 hockey season. Below are just some of our efforts. 

Games are played on Saturdays at Allstate Arena from 11:00am until 4pm followed by  the Chicago Wolves game at 7 pm. Players and spectators who attend a CAHL game and donate to that game day’s theme; will receive free tickets to that night’s Chicago Wolves game.Fundraisers will include but are not limited to:

1.) Bring the Chicago Wolves to you!  Hosted by Midwest Training & Ice Center in Dyer, Indiana. 

      2.) Donate a backpack: filled with school supplies

3.) Hockey Fights Cancer: Cancer Awareness                  

4.) Shut-Out Diabetes: Diabetes Awareness

5.) Toys 4 Tots toy drive & Teddy Bear Toss

6.) Food for Thought: Food drive for the homeless

7.) Stick / Puck for youth hockey players

8.) March of Dimes 

· We will host a first ever stick-puck / skill day for young, new, hockey players on game days throughout the season. 

· Joint sponsor “A Chicago Wolf for a day" for a young, lucky, winner to experience a day in a life of a Chicago Wolves' player. She or he will get to accompany a Wolves player from the start to the end of his day. Including, getting geared up and participate in a practice then enjoy a home game!!

· Joint sponsor a Chicago Wolves practice at a local ice arena as well. Possibly, a preseason game! We want to bring the action closer to home for those who can’t make the drive.



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Youth Hockey Clinic Sign-ups

Per Clinic


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Whether your daughter or son is a beginner or plays in a league, this is an unique opportunity to have them sharpen, learn, and display their hockey skills at Allstate Arena! Each clinic is $50. with each clinic registration, you receive 2 tickets to that nights Chicago Wolves home game. Each additional ticket cost is $20.00.  Please include your child's name, age, skill level and date(s) in the memo section along with your payment. Spots are limited. The available dates are as follows: 

Saturday, October 19th 11am-12:15pm

Saturday, November 9th 11am-12:15pm

Sunday, December 29th 11am-12:15pm

Thursday, January 2nd 2:15pm-3:30pm

Sunday, February 23rd 2:15-3:30pm

Saturday, March 14th 2:15pm-3:30pm


Free Agent Sign-up, Sign-ups end 8/31/2019


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Don't have a team? No problem! Sign-up as a free agent and be assigned to one. You will have the benefit of a flexible schedule as well as more opportunities to play. Get to experience playing in a professional arena with all of the sights and sounds of a professional game too!


Each game day includes:

  • 2 tickets to that nights Chicago Wolves home game.
  • 5 minute warm-up
  • P.A. roster announcements as well as penalties and goals
  • National Anthem provided by a recording of Wayne Messmer
  • 3-13 minute, stop clock, periods
  • music in-between puck drops
  • 1 minute intermission between periods
  • The Wolves will provide refs, scorekeepers, and stat logging.
  • Your player/team jersey is included
  • Water bottles & pucks are provided

Adult Game Dates (Saturday's): ***Must be 18 or older***

  • October 5th (vs GR) - Breast Cancer Awareness
  • November 9th (vs MB) - Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • November 30th (vs MB) -Toy Drive
  • December 21st (vs TEX) - Coat drive for the Homeless  / Teddy Bear Toss*
  • January 4th (vs IA) - Shut-Out Diabetes, Diabetes Awareness
  • February 15th (vs GR) - Food Drive
  • March 7th (vs  TUC) - March of Dimes
  • April 11th (vs MB) (Chicago Wolves final regular season game / fan appreciation day / CAHL Playoffs) 

*= Teddy Bear Toss date may change 

Coming Soon! ***Meet Our Teams***

Old Puckers Hockey Club at Midwest

Brian Jaremka

TJ Jaremka

Jody Applegate

Mike Crowley

Eric Nore

Jim Cameron







John McCoy

Chicago Gators

(Free agent team. Spots are still available) Roster will be available soon

The WolfPuck

Jennifer Obecunas

Sandy Schneider

Cynthia Lupa

Matt Cianci

Thomas Davis

Nancy Grand

Aleks Burks

Brian Schneider

Jim McCann

Ian Feliz

Ruben Morua

Michael Hampton

Rhon Tereull

Rick Chandler

Jenny Clausen Tirado

Justin Reynolds

Team 4


Maggi Crockett

Anna Neven

Richie Zakrzewski

Sarah Heer

Nora Seidman

Brad Szot 

Mike Schuda

Steve Bruce

Bill O'Connor

Sue O'Connor

Candace Williams

Brandon Kicmal

Mike Schultz 

Adam Follett

Chris Banowski

Terra Jacobson

Team 5

Team is full and the roster will be available soon.

Team 6

Team is full and the roster will be available soon

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